Charity of the Year 2018/19 | Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Meadowhall is hoping to reach new heights in 2018/19 with Yorkshire Air Ambulance as its latest Charity of the Year.

The life-saving charity maintains and operates two helicopters with full medical crews covering the whole of Yorkshire. It replaces Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice which raised a staggering £128,000 during its two-year partnership with the Centre.

Meadowhall Centre Director Darren Pearce said: “It is always a very difficult decision choosing a new Charity of the Year, but the Yorkshire Air Ambulance do a fantastic job of saving lives across the region and need to raise £12,000 every single day to maintain and keep their helicopters in the air.”

Last year 1543 people were assisted across the county - an area covering 11,900km and a population of over 5.2million. Since the first YAA helicopter was launched in October 2000, 7,467 patients have been rescued thanks to their highly skilled crews and their two Airbus H145 helicopters which operate seven days per week, 365 days per year.

Darren added: “It has been a fantastic two years working with Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice and there have been some great initiatives to look back on, such as The SuperCar experiences and the more recent Kate Rusby Charity Christmas CD . We are now looking forward to many new fund-raising initiatives with YAA who have some fantastic ideas and plans for the next two years.”

Garry Wilkinson, Director of Fundraising from Yorkshire Air Ambulance, said: “We are absolutely ecstatic to have been chosen at Meadowhall’s Charity partner for the next two years.  We already have lots of plans a foot for exciting fundraising initiatives and are looking forward to working with and further engaging with the people of South Yorkshire and the visitors to Meadowhall.  As an independent Charity, partnerships such as this with Meadowhall are vitally important to the YAA and we are very much looking forward to working with their team and maximising the opportunity given to us.”



The Yorkshire Air Ambulance is an independent charity providing a life saving rapid response emergency service to 5 million people across the whole of Yorkshire. The service is operational seven days a week, 365 days a year. The Charity currently attend over 1,000 incidents a year, an average of 4 incidents every single day.   Last year they attended 1543 patients and carried 595 of those to hospital for emergency treatment.

The YAA currently operates two helicopters – one based at Nostell Air Support Unit, near Wakefield and the other at RAF Topcliffe, near Thirsk.

To keep both of Yorkshire's Air Ambulances maintained and in the air, the YAA needs to raise £12,000 every single day, which is the equivalent of £4.4m a year. The generosity that they receive really is the life blood of the Charity.

The charity was set up in 2000 and with the addition of the second air ambulance in October 2007, the YAA now operate our own Dedicated Air Desk for rapid dispatch of their helicopters to an incident. The swift medical interventions provided by their air ambulance crews have a major impact on a patient's chance of survival and subsequent quality of life.

In September 2016, the Charity took delivery of a new state-of-the-art Airbus H145 helicopter.  This was shortly followed by a second H145 in December 2016.  The latest generation aircraft has a larger cabin and will give paramedics a much more modern medical fit-out to treat and transport often critically injured patients. Replacing the current fleet will ensure the continuation of a state-of-the-art air ambulance service for the people of Yorkshire for the next 25 years.

To find out how you can donate to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, please visit

  • YAA is an independent Charity which needs to raise £12,000 every single day to keep both of Yorkshire’s air ambulances in the air and maintained.  This is equivalent to £4.4million each year.
  • The YAA provides a life saving rapid response emergency service to 5 million people across 4 million acres of Yorkshire.
  • The YAA operate two Airbus H145 Helicopters, G-YAAC from Nostell Priory near Wakefield and G-YOAA RAF Topcliffe near Thirsk.
  • The service is operational 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Patients are transferred to the nearest major trauma centre, flying at speeds of up to 160 mph.
  • The Yorkshire Air Ambulance paramedics are seconded by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust.
  • The Yorkshire Air Ambulance are currently starring in the UKTV series ‘Emergency ER’ which is broadcast on ‘Really TV’.
  • The YAA currently attend over 1,000 incidents a year, an average of 4 every single day.
  • To date nearly 7,500 patients have been carried to relevant treatment centres, often for life-saving treatment.
  • Our average dispatch time is around 2 to 3 minutes.  This is from the 999 call coming in to our helicopter taking off for departure.
  • 90% of Yorkshire live within a 20 minute flying time from either  of the YAA’s two airbases
  • If every adult in Yorkshire gave us £1 per year, we’d have the money we needed to keep us in the air and saving lives.


Future Charities

Our support is directed towards regional and local community causes with the majority of effort being directed towards support for the immediate catchment surrounding Meadowhall. We focus our support where we can deliver the biggest impact and where the initiative broadly matches our criteria.

We will consider support: 

1. to registered charities or not-for profit organisations based in South Yorkshire, in particular we provide support for the immediate catchment to Meadowhall. 
2. where there is clear, immediate and long-lasting benefit to the recipients. 
3. where we are aware of what exactly the support will be used for. 
4. where, if required, the charity is able to provide the latest 2 years´ audited Annual Accounts. 

What we don't support:

We are unable to consider requests for support for any of the following: 
1. organisations which are not recognised charities or not-for profit organisations. 
2. activities which are primarily the responsibility of central or local government, or some other responsible body. 
3. contribute to running costs, including rent or staff wages. 
4. activities which collect funds for subsequent redistribution to other charities or individuals. 
5. expeditions or overseas travel. 
6. individuals, including students. 
7. loans or business finance. 
8. overseas activities or charities. 
9. promotion of religion or the restoration or upkeep or places of worship. 
10. petitions 
11. sponsorship or marketing appeals. These are treated separately. 

How we support 

We wish to make contributions which will have a meaningful long term impact in the community. We therefore focus our support to a limited number of causes or organisations for longer periods where we can see the impact of our contributions and where we can build good relationships and better understanding of areas of need. 

Our support 

Here are just some examples of how we have shown our support; 
• Providing advertising opportunities in community or charitable publications 
• Environmental activities 
• Offering consultancy, expertise and research opportunities 
• Staff volunteering 
• Hosting arts, cultural and sporting events 
• Use of company premises/resources 
• Work placements 

Your ‘Support’ application 

Simply print off and complete the form, together with any supporting literature you feel will strengthen your chances of receiving support. The form must be completed legibly and in full, and sent to: Secretary to the Support Committee, Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Management Suite, 1 The Oasis, Meadowhall Centre, Sheffield, S9 1EP.

If your request does not satisfy this criteria, your application will be declined. If the request does meet with the specified criteria, the application will then be given further consideration at the next Support Committee meeting held monthly. As the number of applications typically exceeds the support Meadowhall is able to offer, the Committee exercise their discretion in making any awards even in circumstances where the criteria may be satisfied. 

All applicants will receive acknowledgement within 5 working days, and will at a later date be informed as to whether their application has been successful. If your application is unsuccessful, then you should wait at least 1 year before re-applying.

To download a support application form, click here. 

Longer Term Support 

Meadowhall selects a local charity, which they pledge to support for an agreed period of time, this may be between one to two years. In doing so, we are able to make contributions which will have a meaningful long term impact in the community. It is our intention to support these organisations for longer periods where we can see the impact of our contributions and where we can build good relationships and gain a better understanding of the areas of need.

We focus our support towards organisations that contribute to the immediate catchment surrounding Meadowhall. Whether it’s fundraising, recruiting volunteers or simply raising awareness to a good cause, Meadowhall provides the perfect platform for any Charity to benefit. With over 25 million consumers visiting each year, Meadowhall’s Charities Of The Year will be given privileged access to the region’s largest retail destination where you will be able to deliver your marketing plans and activities for a total of twelve months.

Any organisation wishing to apply for Charity Of The Year, must complete their application before September 30th each year. You may request an Application form from the Secretary to the Support Committee, Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Management Suite, 1 The Oasis, Meadowhall Centre, Sheffield, S9 1EP.

To download a Charity of the Year application form, click here.