Chocolate Happiness, Gifted With Elegance

The festive season isn’t just one day. It’s debating when to put up the tree, and when it’s too early for mince pies. It’s making your list and checking it twice. It’s sneaking a shake of your presents, and the look on their faces when they open theirs. At Hotel Chocolat, it’s their mission to help you gift chocolate happiness, never more so than at this time of year.

Hotel Chocolat invent, create and ribbon-tie your gifts so they can see for themselves that they’re perfect, down to the finest detail. From festive sleeves, Selector gift boxes and chic bottle bags to Concierge bags and wicker hampers, it’s the attention to detail that means you can look forward to big smiles and you-shouldn’t-have head-tilts when your gifts are opened this year.

1. The Small Chocolatier's Table

A selection of irresistible pralines, tipples, truffles and more.

The Small Chocolatier's Table

RRP, £65.00

2. The Large Chocolatier's Table

You can't get more awe-inspiring than 1.3kg of some of our best recipes. A party centrepiece, an unforgettable gift or a way to share dessert.

The Large Chocolatier's Table

RRP, £105.00

3. Rather Large Cracker

Snap! Over two feet of show-stopping cracker packed with chocolates, hats and jokes.

Rather Large Cracker

RRP, £36.00

4. The Chocolate Wreath Box

A head-turning Christmas centrepiece. 40 chocolates, two Snowflakes and one Festive Wreath.

The Chocolate Wreath Box

RRP, £40.00

5. The Grand Chocolate Wreath Box

An utterly show-stopping chocolate box - make it the centrepiece of your Christmas table.

The Grand Chocolate Wreath Box

RRP, £75.00

6. Stocking Fillers

Stocking Fillers

From £12.00

7. The Selectors Collection – Festive Edition

Six Selectors. Five of our finest festive recipes. Revisit old favourites, discover new ones.

The Selectors Collection – Festive Edition

RRP, £20.00


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