Bubble CiTea

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Bubble CiTea serves the refreshing Taiwanese beverage known as “Bubble Tea.”

This tea based drink with toppings provides an experience that is unmatched with any other product.
Choose from around 20 different flavours and 12 different toppings,
and with a quick shake from the highly trained Bubble Baristas, they can form flavours that appeal to each individual taste pallet.

All teas are freshly brewed, shaken to each individual order and are all 100% Taiwanese Authenticity.

Bringing Bubble Tea to Britain with a bang!

Lower The Arcade
Lower Arcade
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Brand New Drink Alert - Royal Milk Tea (Limited edition)

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we’ve created a BRAND NEW, LIMITED EDITION drink - Royal Milk Tea. It's the perfect addition to the royal festivities!⁠⁠

This drink is a delicious milk tea with strawberry bubbles and limited-edition Royal Pudding, stamped with the famous Union Jack in celebration of the special Jubilee occasion 

This drink will ONLY be available from 2nd-5th June, so RUN don’t walk to your nearest Bubble Citea to get your hands on it.