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Funstation & Hologate VR

Funstation & Hologate are now open 

Fun. Starts. Here.

Funstation is the perfect entertainment centre for the whole family. With all your favourite carnival games, like Down the Clown, Basketball Hoops and Air Hockey. We also have lots of fantastic new games like Minecraft Dungeons and Jet Ball Alley to challenge your skills.

Funstation is a cashless experience that’s fun and easy to use. Simply load a Fun Card with game tokens at our kiosks or counters, then swipe your fun card on the games you want to play and try to win as many prize points as you can. Prize points are added to your Fun Card automatically, which can then be used to choose from a wide variety of great prizes. Any unused game tokens or prize points are saved to your card to use on your next visit.

 two women exchanging tickets for a prize in an arcade.

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Hologate VR

Four people wearing VR headsets and holding game 'guns'.

Get. Your. Game. On

Hologate is a multiplayer VR experience enjoyed by over 10 million players across 36 countries and is currently the most successful VR game platform in the world. It offers a wide range of games suitable for players of any age and skill. Once you put on the headset, you'll be transported into a whole new dimension. Players will be amazed and experience realistic new worlds where you can have snowball fights, solve puzzles or even battle Robots and Zombies!!

So get ready to enter a new dimension with Hologate.

To find out more about prices and timings, please see the Funstation website.

Upper Oasis Dining Quarter
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