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The Big Kid Circus is Coming to Town!


The Big Kid Circus is Coming to Town!

Big Kid Circus 2024 proudly boasts a truly diverse ensemble of performers hailing from every corner of the globe, coming to Meadowhall from 1st until 10th March!

From the vibrant streets of Mexico to the majestic plains of Tanzania, the rich cultural tapestry of Ethiopia, the rhythm-filled beaches of Brazil, and beyond – this year’s cast is a testament to the universal language of circus that knows no boundaries.

A Spectacle of Skill and Daring: The Only All-Female Globe of Death in Europe

Hold your breath for the showstopper of the season – the ONLY ALL FEMALE GLOBE OF DEATH in Europe! This iconic act features a group of talented riders who defy gravity and fear as they whirl inside the globe at breakneck speeds.

Find them in the Orange Zone 3 Car Park from 1st March until 10th March.

The Big Kid Circus is Coming to Town!


1st March until 10th March


Orange Car Park


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