General Store Manager

Salary: £30,000 - £35,000 a year + Monthly & Annual bonus benefit scheme 
Schedule: 8 Hour shift Number of positions for this role: 1  Experience: Retail management, 2 years (preferred)   Role Outline:
 Purpose: ● To be customer focused at all times. ● To ensure all staff fully and efficiently carry out instructions and work in a safe manner in accordance with Company policies and procedures. ● Ensure the store’s cleanliness and presentation standards are met. ● Ensure that budgets and financial targets are achieved.  Accountabilities: ● To take full responsibility for the smooth running of the store and to achieve maximum sales within budgets. ● To ensure that all staff are aware of all Company procedures, policies, rules and regulations and that they are adhered to at all times.  Knowledge & Competencies: In order to succeed in this role you will be expected to have full control in the following areas:  Communication: Ensure that all Head office deadlines are met.  Security: Ensure that the integrity of the building, monies and goods within by controlling all keys, safes, exits, entrances, activation and deactivations of alarm system.  
Health & Safety: ● Comply with all Legal & Company Health & Safety regulations within the store for customers and staff. ● Liaise with the Public Fire, Health & safety and Environment Departments and to keep up to data with the current legislation. ● Ensure the safe use of machinery, electrical equipment, manual handling and general housekeeping of the store.  ● Keep written records of the fire alarm tests, accidents and electrical testing. ● Prepare a Monthly Health & Safety report.  Personnel: 
Training - You must ensure that: ● All staff are fully competent in the duties asked of them ● All staff can work safely ● All staff have pride in their work ● You identify training needs ● All training is completed  Rotas - You must ensure that: ● The weekly staff rotas are organised and adhered to ● You monitor and ensure that rotas are evenly balance over peak and lows of the trading periods ● The store has sufficient management cover at all times  Staff Performance - You must ensure that: ● You monitor staff performance and motivation  Development - You must ensure that: ● All members of staff who are ready and competent have the correct tools and support to move to the next level in their career within the Company.  Salary - You must ensure that: ● You meet company wage budgets within the store at all times ● You liaise with Management regarding pay reviews  Discipline - You must ensure that: ● All staff adhere to all Company procedures ● You gain full productivity from all staff at all times ● Your maintaining a pleasant working environment  Recruitment - You must ensure that: ● All vacancies are logged in Head office ● Full use is made of the company website to aid recruitment  
Merchandising and Stock Control: ● Liaise with all management on all stock issues ● Ensure all promotional items are effectively displayed with POS ● Ensure all store presentation and merchandising meets Company standards ● Monitor all stock deliveries as per Company procedures ● Ensure all stock movement i.e in-store transfers has authorisation ● Ensure all customer collections and deliveries are signed for in the correct manner  EPOS: ● Ensure that all EPOS standards and legal requirements are monitored and upheld   Other Daily Duties: ● You are responsible for pre-opening morning store checks to ensure that the checkout and customer service areas are clear, tidy and ready for start of business ● Inspect each department within the store, checking the standards of housekeeping, merchandising and stock levels and identifying any problem areas ● Check the shop for cleanliness and security  ● Check the rubbish and waste paper bins ● Check the fire exits ● Instigate and monitor POS  Financial: ● Review the sales figures daily  ● Spot check all cash including petty cash ● Ensure all monies are banked and ready for authorised secure collection ● Monitor all till discrepancies and investigations ● Keep within all spending budgets ● Monitor and authorise all staff purchases and discounts  ● Check customer refunds and credit notes each day to ensure correct authorisation  These are not exhaustive and you may be required to carry out other tasks as required.  Key Result Areas: You will be assessed on the following areas: 
● Levels of sickness within your store  ● Labour turnover in your store ● The number of weeks worth of stock your store is holding  ● Any negative stock figures ● The suspended sales ratios  ● The value of stock adjustments   ● The value of stock not sold within 21 days ● The stock turn of your store  As well as: 
● Personal timekeeping and attendance  ● Feedback from your Regional Manager  ● The general running of, and standards within your store  ● Observed customer interaction; taking into account any compliments or complaints raised by customers and/or other employees  Key Behaviours: 
Team working: Being a strong team player, Visible and happy to help other members of the team – Keeps their word. Contributes to team objectives despite heavy personal commitments and recognises skill gaps and potential for development both in oneself and others.  Confidence: Projects confidence – Sells ideas well, and is self confident whatever the situation. Being able to cope with deadlines and remain calm under pressure.  Close to people: Understands the needs of colleagues and customers and manages the store to achieve the operational targets.  Change: Flexible in working within an ever changing working environment. Demonstrates commitment to change in the way they personally do things. Identifies barriers and works to remove them.  Clarity of Thinking: Thinks clearly and quickly about issues. Has an eye for detail and identifies critical information. Copes well with complexity and uses the relevant information to the correct judgement.  Empowerment: Understands when to consult, involve or direct others. Always alert to the bigger picture and identifies what is important. Helps others to resolve complex problems and be able to influence individuals, using others to make an impact.  Prioritisation: Ability to work on own initiative. Knows the right questions to ask, and therefore identifies critical issues. Is able to deal with a number of tasks simultaneously and by planning and organising priorities.   Communication: Communicates in such a way that key messages cannot be missed. 

Vacancy closes
Monday, November 2, 2020

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