Eco Friendly Laundry with Lakeland

Want to do a little bit more to reduce your impact on the environment? The laundry load is a great place to start. Swap chemical-packed detergents for earth-friendly options with Lakeland’s eco-friendly laundry range.


Wilton Laundry Liquid

Not only will it get your clothes lovely and clean, but Wilton London’s Botanical Cedarwood Laundry Liquid is eco-friendly too. Free from bleach, dyes, optical brighteners and phosphates, its plant-based, non-biological, vegan-friendly, fully biodegradable formula is as kind to the environment as it is to your clothes and your skin.


Wilton Fabric Conditioner

We all know that the secret to keeping clothes, towels and bedding in tip-top condition is a good fabric conditioner, and Wilton London’s Botanical Cedarwood Fabric Conditioner is much better than good: using only the power of nature with no nasty chemicals to be found, it’ll leave your clothes super-soft and smelling wonderful.


EcoZone Laundry Range

Using the natural power of oxygen, along with plant-based and mineral ingredients, to combat stains, Ecozone’s Whitening Tablets contain no bleach, optical brighteners, chlorine or other chemical nasties, making them kind to the environment and your skin. Better still, the packaging is recyclable too.


EcoZone Soap Nuts

It’s not often you find a cleaning product that only contains 1 ingredient, but that’s exactly what you’re getting with EcoZone’s Soap Nuts. Grown on trees, soap nuts are a completely natural and effective way of cleaning your clothes, with no abrasive chemicals in sight. Available at Lakeland.


Ecoegg Laundry Egg

A complete replacement for traditional washing powders, liquids, gels and tablets, the ecoegg contains no harsh chemicals, does no harm to the environment and needs no measuring, so there’s no messy dust or drips to tidy away.


Guppyfriend Washing Bag


Anyone who watches or listens to environmental experts such as Sir David Attenborough will be aware of the appalling levels of microplastic pollution in our rivers, seas and oceans. Step forward their Guppyfriend Washing Bag, a genuine solution that can help all of us to do our bit, rather than adding yet more microfibres and microplastic particles into the waste water systems every time we wash our clothes.



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