Hotel Chocolat: The Eggception since 2004

Crack! Like our Extra-Thick Eggs, rules are made to be broken. And Hotel Chocolat have done just that - left, right and centre - to create this year's Easter collection.


White and Light Extra-Thick Egg

Our creamiest recipes, with two halves of opulent white chocolate. Filled with lusciously creamy recipes that pair our high-cocoa white with fruit, nuts and more. No alcohol.

RRP, £29.00

Serious Dark Fix Extra-Thick Egg

Serious Dark Fix is utterly committed to your cocoa hit, with two halves of smooth, elegantly blaanced 70& dark chocolate. Filled with tipsy truffles, pralines and caramels that showcase the cocoa.

RRP, £29.00

Champagne Extra-Thick Egg

Half 40% milk, half strawberry-white and milk. Piled with hedonistic truffles filled with Mercier Champagne. The rosy hue of our pink Champagne Truffles? Natural pressed strawberries. Authentic is always our first preference, from real fruit to French Champagne.

RRP, £29.00

Free From Milk Soft-Boiled Egg

Splat! Our chocolate sculptures broke the mould. Free from chocolate Easter egg with all the mellow, creamy taste of milk chocolate. You can call of the hunt for a Free From egg this Easter: this chocolate egg is entirely free from dairy, gluten, nuts and wheat but has all the meltingly mellow, creamy flavour notes of real milk chocolate. Perfect for milk chocolate-lovers.

RRP, £10.00

Ostrich Easter Egg

Half 40% milk, half 50% milk, piled with filled chocolates. Over a kilo of chocolate! So much more than just a big Easter egg, the Ostrich Easter Egg - Classic is made with half 40% milk chocolate packed with crunchy cookies and puffed rice, and half 50% milk chocolate with crispy feuilletine - but that's not all.

Complete with a tray of 20 chocolates - pralines, caremels, reimagined patisserie and more, including a trio of award-winners - plus six golden eggs in a keepskae tin, all in all this comes to more than a kilo of chocolate.

RRP, £80.00

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