Laptops for Kids

Meadowhall has partnered with Laptops for Kids to help tackle digital poverty in Sheffield with the launch of a new donation point at the centre.

The campaign was founded in the city in 2020 to facilitate the donation and safe distribution of  new and used laptops, tablets and chargers to ensure that every child can continue to learn remotely from home throughout the lockdown.

Anyone who would like to donate a device can now drop it at the reception desk in Meadowhall’s management suite. They will simply need to complete a short form online beforehand to register the donation:  

Laptops for Kids will ensure that all data on the technology is securely erased before distributing it to school children across the city.

In line with the Government’s national lockdown measures, only essential stores remain open at Meadowhall to provide the local community with essential products and services.

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