Mini & Me:At Home

Whilst we can't host the Mini & Me sessions which you've come to know and love in the usual sense right now, we've curated a collection of our top picks of tutorials and at-home packs our trusted partners have created from their home to yours.

1.Creation Station have created ‘Make it Monday’ blog posts with plenty of inspiring ideas to try with your family, the best part is, most items can be found in your home! 
Here are our favourite inspiring ideas. Explore these and find more exciting ideas.

Make a mini-beast:

Make a birdfeeder:

For those little artists who love to colour, why not try Creation Station’s activity sheets. We love this one! It’s the perfect addition for your living room window; a big thank you to all our key workers.

2. Mini Professors Sheffield offer interactive, fun and educational science classes for 2-8 years olds, run by professor Ju Ju, qualified scientist and educator. Join in their virtual fun online, we’re sure our little customers will love them

You could start with learning how to make invisible ink at home?

For more clips and ideas you can visit the Facebook page here, or visit the website here for more information.


3.Playtimes Baby & Preschool Classes combine quality sensory play activities with fun themes and music for a superb, feel good experience for you and your little one. They have been busy creating activities at home resources for parents. There is a wealth of things to do on the website here, including free packs to download, and virtual classes in baby sensory and more.

They also have some great online videos, here's some of our favourites from their selection:

Please note, all activities suggested by Playtimes are always to be carried out under strict adult supervision.

Baby Massage

Sensory activity:

Have a look at Lucy showing you how to 'Make your own Gloop'.

Here is the basic recipe from for making super sensory gloop at home:

•    Mixing bowl and spoon
•    1 cup of cornflour
•    1 dash of food colouring
•    Just enough water to make the cornflour into a thick consistency.

4.Sheffield City Trust  have shared ideas for games and activities; a great way for your children to develop fundamental skills such as agility, balance and co-ordination. From building forts, tips on healthy snacks and plenty of fun athletic activities, there's loads to have a go at, check out the website for the full range.

We'll be sharing more activities regularly, so make sure you check back to see the up to date inspiration from our trusted friends, or let us know what you've seen or participated in over the last few month.


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