Moss Bros | Love's Worth Celebrating

Weddings. They’ve not been easy for so many of us recently, but love has found its way through and finally it feels like celebrating it is back on the cards.

Of course, if you’re getting married, you’ll want your finest for your moment in the spotlight.

It’s not just the confidence looking your best will give you when it matters most – a great outfit shows your guests (and your better half) how much you care too.

So style a sharp three-piece with a shirt and tie, or a pastel suit with a cashmere polo. It’s about putting it all together in whatever way makes you feel on top of the world.


But all the other moments that make up a wedding deserve a little love too. Like a meal with your best people the night before, or the breakfast you’ll share the morning after. They’ll be all the better if you’re feeling on form.


And how about starting married life in a coordinated set that just might swing you a honeymoon upgrade at check-in? If nothing else, your new husband or wife will love you for making the effort.

If you’re heading to a wedding rather than hosting one, you owe it to the couple to bring your best. Perhaps that’s a great suit or it might be something a little more relaxed (all the better to light up the dancefloor later, no?).In the end, it’s all about who you love and what you love. And however it looks, love’s always worth celebrating.

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