M&S | Avo-look at this

It’s National Avocado Day and we’ve got a whopper to celebrate…

This soft, creamy, luscious green, vitamin packed fruit has been a must-have for slathering on our toast, bulking out our smoothies and perfecting our guacamole since it reached super fandom in the late noughties – and now it even has its own National Day for devotees to celebrate its greatness: this Friday the 31st of July!

To celebrate this auspicious day, M&S has launched a NEW Giant Hass Avocado (£2.50 each), Hass is one of the most popular varieties sold in the UK, with a creamy texture and nutty finish. This giant Hass is also ripe and ready to eat, unlike other large varieties which can take a while to soften up, making it ideal for picking up to use the same day.

M&S have even shared the below suggestions for avocado recipes.

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