Pride | Youth Pride Day with SAYiT Sheffield

SAYiT is a Sheffield based charity that supports the sexual and emotional wellbeing of young people and empowers LGBT+ young people and those affected by HIV to transform their own lives and that of their peers by addressing issues of awareness, developing knowledge and addressing organisational discrimination and inequality.
Through regular groups, activities and events SayiT create a safe space for young people to make friends, learn new skills, be who they are and express themselves without being judged. Meeting people just like them, who they can share their story with.

This year, more than ever, SAYiT want to ensure that the 18-25 year olds in our community come together to celebrate pride with their virtual Youth Pride Day. With a schedule of activities to take part, take a look below for details.

To access more information about SAYiT, including details on their groups, activities, and support visit the website here.

And while you're here, why not find out more about the origins of the rainbow flag and create one yourself.


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