Rituals - The Ritual of Mehr

The Ritual of Mehr – Energise your soul: the collection contains uplifting products designed to inspire joy in everyday life and leave you radiating happiness. In celebration of the sun, the ultimate giver of life, this collection brings you positive energy and joy with every product. The mood-enhancing scent of sweet orange and cedar fills your heart with a bright burst of energy and warms you from within. It embraces you with kindness and love, allowing you to bring forth your happiness like a ray of sunshine.

a gold rituals mousse bottle on a table in a golden themed bathroom.

From the 1- 3 of May, Rituals invites you to their new arrivals event for the Ritual of Mehr.

Take home an exclusive limited edition tote bag and Ritual of Mehr shower gel on a spend of £45 and above.

An invitation to the rituals event described above.

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