River Island International Women's Day

This International Women's Day, we're creating positive affirmations to boost your self-belief, in real life and online.

Repeating affirmations can help promote confidence, motivation and help to build or restore self-esteem. We want RI to be a place for empowerment, helping to inspire women who might have experienced a loss in confidence in recent years. Think of us as your own personal pep talkers, ready to let you know that no matter what – you've got this. 

We've teamed up with super-talented illustrators Lizzie King, Amberlee Green, Tete García and Trina Outram to design a curated ‘You’ve got this’ collection – feel-great words you can wear all day/every day. 30% of all profits will be donated to the Prince’s Trust to help young people to find the confidence and tools to build successful futures #ChangeAGirlsLife    

Rehearse, recite, and repeat until they sink in. You've got this. Pass it on.

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