The Shake Lab | The Purple Pansy Pie

The Shake Lab have a new Shake on the menu for the summer months. From 2nd June 2022.

A purple milkshake with cream, berries and edible flowers on top

The Purple Pansy Pie

A creamy blueberry shake, blended with digestive biscuits, topped with lashings of whipped cream, blueberries, biscuit crumb, blueberry syrup, shake lab wafer and edible pansies.

Price £6.95

Edible flowers is a trend that has been taking Instagram by storm. So, we thought why not bring this trend to The Shake Lab for the summer with an indulgent twist!

According to

“With an average of 107K queries typed each month into Google worldwide, the term "edible flowers" has doubled compared to 2019. Propelled to the forefront by the rise of vegan diets and the quest for new flavours, flowers are seducing people with their acidic, bitter, fresh or sweet notes. They also have the particularity of offering a colourful touch to the plates, a luxury not to be neglected... and very much appreciated on Instagram.”

The ingredients in this shake are:


ice cream
Digestive biscuit


Blueberry sauce drizzle inside the cup
White chocolate and digestive biscuit crumb


Blueberry syrup, 4 blueberries, digestive biscuit crumb, shake lab wafer. Edible pansies

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