The Top 10 Health launches this January you need to know about!

This January M&S is seriously shaking up healthy eating, launching its biggest ever range of products which are 100% delicious but also good for you and your family. From its ground-breaking, nutritionist-approved Eat Well range to the very latest plant-based innovations there is something for everyone

1.    Eat well, eat sunflowers

Packed with veggies, vitamins and all the good stuff, if a product has the Eat Well seal of approval then you know it’s good for you.
Eat Well is a set of nutritional guidelines, developed with guidance from the BNF, measuring key nutrients vital for a balanced diet. Exclusive to M&S, the Eat Well logo clearly shows customers the product is a healthier choice, and will taste delicious too, of course. It’s like shopping with your very own nutritionist

We’re launching our largest ever range of Eat Well products, so lots to choose from

2.    Plan power

With January 2021 set to be the biggest ever Veganuary, and more and more people adopting a ‘flexitarian diet’, we’ve stepped on our vegan-friendly Plant Kitchen range to include lots more choice and variety from quick fix on the go meals, to ingredients for scratch cooking. We’re also introducing two new plant-based proteins into many of our new dishes; pea protein and rice protein – which taste absolutely delicious too!

3.    Drink your veggies

Breaking news: Introducing our incredible new juices which packed with 80% veggies – they’re cold pressed and taste amazing! Choose from three flavours, getting one of your 5-a-day has never been so tasty...

4.    Dry January

According to statistics from Global Data, one fifth of British adults under 25 are teetotal, and 95% of people are actively trying to cut down. If you’re embarking on Dry January in the New Year, these new additions to our no and low family will be perfect timing including our first 0% spirits which we’ve taken months perfecting and are launching in both full size bottles and handy cans

5.    No dairy, n problem

With demand for dairy alternatives increasing, we’re super excited to be launching our long anticipated non-dairy cheeses, which have been months in development. Introducing our Plant Based Mature Style Cheddar Cheese which comes either sliced, grated or in a block, as well as a first to the high street cubed Greek Style Cheese in brine, so close to the real thing you would never know the difference and perfect for a quick WFH Greek salad

6.    Become a barista

As the trend and demand for alternative plant milks continues to grow, this January we’re expanding our popular range introducing Oat Barista and Chocolate Oat. Like the existing range, both milks are enriched with calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and crucially, iodine – not always found in alternative milks. The Barista Oat is great for perfect frothing, while our Chocolate Oat is delicious in cereal, smoothies and in hot chocolate

7.    Count on us this January

We know many of our customers will be keeping an eye on calories in the new year, so we’ve worked hard to create some exciting new dishes for them in our popular Count on Us range. We’re super excited about an amazing new ‘pan fry’ range which comes with all the ingredients ready for you to whip up fresh at home

8.    Up your tortilla game

Having taken the US by storm, we are the first to launch Bluecorn Tortilla Chips! Made from an authentic blue corn 'masa' to bring you a true taste of Mexico and … they’re extremely moreish! Bluecorn has more benefits than traditional corn and these tortilla chips: they’re high in fibre, gluten free, vegan and only 126 calorie per portion! De nada!

9.    Happy snacking

It’s good to snack! Especially when you have these tasty little treats to choose from... we’re launching an epic snack selection loaded with zingy flavours – both sweet and savoury, ready for zapping any hunger pangs whenever they may strike...

10.    Protein powder

Packed with protein, these new on-the-go salads are a brilliant way of upping your protein at lunchtime, or post work-out healthy snack.

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