Why Not Bake, Build And Munch Your Way Through Feb Half Term With Lakeland?

Bake, build and munch your way through half term! Kids big and small, animal enthusiasts and sloth spotters alike will go wild over Lakeland’s roarsome jungle-themed baking range – just the thing to bring some fun to baking sessions with your little ‘helper’s.

Bake-and-Build 3D Animal Cookie Cutters

Fantastic fun for the whole family to bake, build – and munch on! – Lakeland’s 3D Animal Cookie Cutters help you create a herd of animals in delicious biscuity form.

Animal Print Icing Cutters

Bring a touch of animal magic to cakes and bakes with Lakeland’s super-easy-to-use animal print icing cutters.

Topsy Turvy Cake Pans

Stuck in a baking rut? Get creative this half term with Lakeland’s Topsy Turvy Cake Pans.

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