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It has never been so important to look after and prioritise your own wellbeing. While our centre may be unusually quiet at the moment, we have been working alongside our local community and retailers to bring you inspiration and ideas to enjoy at home…

You can find our top inspirational picks here


An iced coffee in the sun at home? Perfect timing from Caffé Nero:


Look after your mind with Neal's Yard Remedies:



MEDITATION TIPS Tips from Tipper

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Make your own terrarium with Holland & Barrett:


Bring the outdoors, indoors! Create your own terrarium to bring fresh, air purifying plants into your living space. Step 1: Cover the bottom of your terrarium with a 1 ½ inch-thick layer of small stones or pebbles to provide drainage. Step 2: Add a very thin layer of activated charcoal to help fight off any bacteria in your terrarium. Step 3: Add a layer of potting soil that’s about 2 ½ inches. Step 4: Add your plants! Place your largest plant first and work your way from the back to the front of your terrarium. Make a hole in the soil large enough to fit the plants’ roots, then add more one by one in whichever arrangement you like best. Make sure you're careful if you're using spiky plants like cacti! Step 5: Place finishing touches such as decorative stones to personalise your terrarium. Leave a below if you fancy making your own indoor garden! #hollandandbarrett #terrarium #outdoorsin #calmingspaces #plants #easycrafts #diyideas #gardening #outdoorsindoors

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Keep your fitness in check with M&S:



And a reminder from Boots to give yourself a break:


We’d love to hear from you about the ways you are looking after yourselves. Whatever snippets you can share, we’re certain they will help someone else in our community. 

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