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It has never been so important to look after and prioritise your own wellbeing. While our centre may be unusually quiet at the moment, we have been working alongside our local community and retailers to bring you inspiration and ideas to enjoy at home… You can find our top inspirational picks here.

Self care from head to toe- with Superdrug's foot routine


Today’s focus is a little more holistic as we focus on the FEET & on bringing some relaxation & pampering into our self-care routine. So grab a moisturiser, some blankets/cushions and optional extras - foot masks, candles, oils, incense - be as extra as you like! Use the following products: @cbdfxuk Hemp Lavender Foot Cream @cbdfxuk Hemp Peppermint Foot Mask Superdrug Seventh Heaven Candle Follow along this video for ways to keep your feet happy & healthy as well as taking some time to breathe & relax. 1. Toe Pose - compresses the joints of the toes, stretches the muscles & fascia of the soles of the feet 2. Ankle Mobility & Foot Massage - relaxes the ankles, stimulates the muscles of the feet as well as targeting pressure points in the soles of the feet 3. Legs Up The Wall & Breathing - this inversion helps soothe swollen feet, increase circulation & aid relaxation Make sure that if you have any injuries or illnesses that you have been given the green light to exercise. Use any support you need in terms of a wall, cushions etc. Follow @musicaltheatreyogi for yoga and wellness content! #wellness #wellbeing #superdrug #superdrugpr #superdrughealth

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Rose Ice Tea- with Neal's Yard Remedies:


Try a workout with Next:

Make some delicious Vegan Banana Muffins with Holland and Barrett


These delicious, fluffy muffins are completely vegan! Have a go yourself with this simple recipe: Preheat your oven to 180°c before starting. 1. Add 100g peanut butter, 75ml maple syrup and 60g dairy-free spread into a mixing bowl, and beat until light and fluffy. 2. Add 2 tsps of baking powder, salt and 150g plain flour then fold into the mix. 3. Now pour in 50ml almond milk, add 3 chopped bananas (or you can pre-mash them if you don't have an electric whisk), and 50g of oats before mixing well. 4. Divide the mixture into cases and sprinkle a few oats on top of each muffin, before baking for 20 minutes. 5. Let the muffins cool for 5 minutes before tucking in - enjoy!! Let us know what you've been baking at home #hollandandbarrett #baking #veganrecipes #plantbased #vegan #veganmuffins #veganbananabread #veganbaking #banana

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