Student Night FAQ's

Got questions? We've got ALL the answers (hopefully)
Q1. I am disabled, can my carer gain entry, even though he/she is not a student?

A1. Yes. Each carer, supporting a ‘pre-registered’ student with a disability, is allowed access (without the carer having to register himself/herself). If a student has a disability, he/she will need to head to the front of the queue, regardless of what their confirmation e-mail states. Students with a disability will be allowed to make their way into the mall before 6.30pm to avoid the rush.

Q2. Where do I check-in and collect my event wrist band?

A2. We have three check-in desks that will be open from 4pm. We will be swapping your registration confirmation emails for wristbands and an event guide that will have all the event details including a full list of offers, activities and freebies! The check in desks will be located at: 1. The Atrium next to M&S. 2. Upper Main Dome. 3. Upper High Street next to Boots.

Q3. I am a general shopper - can I attend Student Night?

A3. Yes, you can shop but you will not receive the designated student discounts and will not be given a pink Student Night wristband. The centre will be open all evening for non-students.

Q4. Can I bring my child / children to the event if I am a student?

A4. Yes, children are permitted at the event but please bear in mind the nature of the event.

Q5. I don’t have an NUS card or student ID how can I prove I’m a student?

A5. Please bring an acceptance or confirmation letter of your attendance at your place of study.

Q6. Can I bring my friend who isn’t a student to the event?                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

A6. Yes, but they won’t receive a wristband for discounts or be able to take part in the student event activities.

1. A valid Student Card needs to be shown in exchange for a Student Night wristband- It is at the Meadowhall discrestion to issue these wristbands if they do not recieve adequate proof of education or confirmation of registration to attend the event. 
2. A valid Student Card needs to be shown to redeem and competitions prizes run by Meadowhall. This includes via Meadowhall social media channels.