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Pop Specs Arrive At Meadowhall

Revolutionary prescription eyewear providers Pop Specs have chosen Meadowhall for their expansion from Manchester. Chester boy Daniel Barnes met his cofounder while doing his masters at the University of Chester three years ago and they started Pop Specs together. As this new company moves in, the centre is excited to see how they plan to change the eyewear industry by challenging eyewear conventions and putting the customer first.

A man tries on glasses in a mirror whilst an assistant shows him another pair.

With a quick trip to see them with your current prescription in your pocket, you can walk out 20 minutes later with your new prescription glasses on your face and only £50 lighter in your wallet. Pop Specs has made it, so the days of spending a load on your glasses are over. Instead, Pop Specs makes it easy to pay less for an excellent pair of glasses, including the frame, prescription lens, and anti-glare coating, including varifocals (£195 complete).

Various trendy glasses in a glass cabinet

Not only that, Pop Specs knows that you don’t want to have to wait for your new glasses to get shipped (or you can’t wait because the old pair broke), so they do it on the spot. Once you choose your frames and give them your prescription, Pop Specs can have your new glasses in your chosen frame with your correct prescription and an anti-glare coating done in 20 minutes.

Pop Specs is taking its new place in the centre with a space that’s as warm and modern as its mission statement. To shake up the eyewear industry, they greet their customers with a fun and exciting space that encapsulates that they’re here to change how we all get glasses.

Find the new kiosk on Upper High Street near Currys.

the pop specs kiosk in meadowhall



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